3/10/09 Peregrine Site Monitoring

I spent the morning at a golden eagle’s nest.  Saw two prairie falcons around the nest.  Very strange place for prairies.  One sat on a bare tree that the GOEA’s usually use as a observation point.

Turkey Vulture

Turkey Vulture

This afternoon I went out to the peregrine eyrie.  Got a ride in the 4-wheel drive with the ranger.  The Blanca dog came along–she hated the ride but was very quiet, even though she drooled in her anxiety mode.

We got out to the meadow and there were two or three people up on top of the nest cave.  They saw the ranger and the vehicle and immediately disappeared.  I didn’t see them come down so I don’t know where they went.  That was just before 3:30.

At 3:39 the tiercel appeared.  He flew to the south rocks area and rode a thermal up.  I could hear wailing and he hit a turkey vulture a couple of times.  At 3:50, he came to the nest cave and sat on the porch.  After a half hour of nodding off, a little wailing, he moved to the inside of the cave.  I could sometimes see him but mostly he was out of sight.   I didn’t see the falcon or hear her.

I left shortly after 5.  I did get some nice photos of copulating turkey vultures.

Turkey Vultures mating

Turkey Vultures mating


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