Site Monitoring 5-28-08

I went up the back side of the cliff nest scrape with my bird blind.
Both falcon and tiercel were out when I got there so I waited on the
ridge trail until they left (took some photos while I waited), then
when they went off somewhere, I moved into place where I could see the
entrance to the scrape.  The eyases came out.  They are getting very
brown.   One eyas started screaming for food and the falcon brought
something.  She barely got to the porch when one came out and
grabbed it and ran.  The falcon flew.  I hope the one shared it with
the other, but possibly the other had already eaten.  We’ve seen that several times that they alternate eating.

Then the falcon went to Sentinel and sat.  I could hear the tiercel
cakking somewhere near the nest scrape when I left.


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