06-03-08 Fledging!

I went to the nest site the back way.

When I got there, the adult female was on top of the nest cave. One fledgling was on the top of Pyramid Rock. I’d been hearing baby wailing for the last 1/4 mile of my walk there, so found it easily. The other was nowhere to be seen or heard.

The adult male brought food to the one, put both feet down on the rock top, dropped food and immediately stepped off. The food fell and the baby wailed…. for five minutes.

The falcon left the nest rock and headed out into the canyon and came back a minute later and gave the fledgling a bird. He plucked it and ate it. And after he finished, the other fledgling landed on the side of Pyramid and after a rest, scrambled to the top and ate.

They sat together, one lay down, they ‘beaked’ each other, one poked and plucked at the others feathers. Then after an hour, the same fledgling who flew earlier stepped off the side and flew to a rock directly in front of the nest cave.

Another bird was delivered to Pyramid, and the fledgling flew back to share again. The same fledgling later flew to the same rock in front of the nest cave, and back again.

He later flew to the top of the nest cave rock, where he was when I left.

So, one flying well. One seems to have just fledged and is sitting and waiting for awhile to try again. I’m guessing one fledged 6/2/08 and one this morning 6/3/08.  Two males.

Both adults are around.

Today is day 39-40 since hatch.

The Falon eating


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