05-17-08 Site Monitoring

Cheryl and I planned for an earlier start and earlier end to the day so we wouldn’t be out in the heat in the middle of the day, since expected temperatures were high.

We went in via the route to the hill on the side of the canyon opposite the cliff site.  The eyases were being fed.  They have black around their wing feathers and black around the eyes.  They seem to be about the same size.  Just smaller than the female currently.  My guess is they are both females but they still have some growing to do and this was the only time this day that we saw them together with an adult to compare sizes.

8:59 we hear cakking and the female leaves.  We hear lots of cakking—5 minutes of it, all coming from the area of the nest cave.  We can’t see either adult or any other bird or any other kind of intruder, but we believe the noise and are certain something is around.

The eyases continue to pull at something on the ground in front of them.  They then move out of our sight to the rear of the cave.

At 9:21 the falcon is on Sentinel Rock and a few minutes later she is flying overhead after some TV’s.

At 9:40 she is on a rock on top of the nest cave.  At 9:55 she moves back to Sentinel.

10:18 she flies from Sentinel across the rock face of the nest area, then flies up and to the south.  Five minutes later we again hear cakking in the area of the cave but we again don’t see anything.

10:27  Both peregrines fly fron the east over the ridge behind the cave and both go into the cave.  The female stays and the male leaves.  We hear wailing and e-chups and the eyases are bing fed.  The male heads south and we lose sight of him as he goes past Little Half Dome.

10:30 cakking to the south and the falcon leaves the cave

At 10:49 she returns with food carried in her beak and hops to the back of the cave and again feeds the eyases.

She doesn’t feed them for very long and at 10:52 she take s the bird and leaves.

She is flying with the bird aroudn the canyon and is joined by the male.  They fly togethers, she carrying prey in her talons.  They spend several minutes flying around each other and we wath the aerial ballet.

At 10:56 she again heads back to the scrape and continues to feed the eyases.

And we were expecting with the heat that they would be mostly sitting!

11:08 she leaves.   One eyas toddles from the back of the cave to the old egg scrape area and lays down

11:46 a peregrine is flying over the climbing rock area riding the thermals.  At 11:48 the male flies in from the SE carrying food.  They sail together with wails and e-chups and we watch a food exchange.

The falcon flies around with the food and at 11:53 she again goes into the scrape and feeds the eyas in the back.  One is still asleep i the egg area in the center and isn’t fed.

Who is watching whom?

At 11:56 she leaves.  We hear a lot of wailing and e-chups to the north.  The raves are ‘gronking’ also.

12:02  She is still wailing.  The eyas is waling around in the srape.

12:56 again wailing from the same area in the north.

12:02 the eyas int he front of the scrape is again up.

1:43 the falcon flies from north to south.  The yeas int he front is up and toddling and stretching its’ wings.  It goes to the back of the scrape where the other eyas is.

We pack up at 2:05 and toddle down the hill to the car.  When we get through the Caldecott Tunnel and see Oakland, we see fog coming in through the Golden Gate and we both cheer.  I checked the temperature in the area and find it is 98 degrees.


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