05-10-08 Site Monitoring

The falcon was sitting in her usual spot on Sentinel Rock when we got
to the top of the hill opposite the nest cave at 9:20.

We could see one eyas in the scrape.

After the falcon did a touch and go landing on the porch, both eyases
were up and stretching.

At 10:52 the falcon is joined by the male who flies by her around
Sentinel several times.

We see our first feeding of the day at 10:55, ending at 11:04

Throughout the morning, the falcon is mostly sitting on Sentinel and
the tiercel does an occasional fly by. Cheryl sees an in-air food
delivery, falcon talons-up under the male at 12:24 and we watch

another feeding.

At 2:18, the tiercel delivers some food to a crack to the right of the
large central cave. The falcon flies down to the area but doesn’t go
into the crack. A RTHA is chased away by the falcon.

At 2:54 4 climbers go from the northern area to behind the nest
rock. We’ve never seen this particular approach to the area. They
don’t go to the top, but to an area just to the left of the cave. At
3:05 one young man appears to the left of the cave, less than 20 feet
from the opening

The tiercel has been sitting on a rock above and to the south of
Sentinel (we’ve named it Bindi Rock for the round rock inclusion
centered in what looks like the forehead of a face)

At 3:10 the tiercel dive bombs the climber who yells and disappears
behind the rock. The tiercel dive bombs 4 times and we hear shouting
each time. The climbers quickly climb down. Several times we hear
things like “he dove on me” Yes, he did.

At 3:18, the falcon is back on Sentinel and the tiercel is on Bindi.

Usually after someone is climbing in the area it takes the pair about
1/2 hour to return to the nest scrape, but this seems to have been a
bigger intrusion and we decide to wait until they have gotten
comfortable and the eyases have been fed.

At 3:48 the falcon flies and hits an RTHA north of the rock outcrop. She
returns at 3:50 and lands on the top of the nest cave rock.

At 3:58 she returns to Sentinel and the tiercel is still on Bindi.

4:07 the tiercel flies into the scrape and goes to the eyases.

4:10 the falcon flies to a hole in the side of the rock adjacent to
the trail to the top of the climbing rock. She disappears completely inside
and then sits for a little while with her head sticking out. She
flies around in front of the rock face and then disappears.

4:14 the tiercel sits on the porch and the eyases are standing in the scrape.

4:30 the falcon returns to Sentinel with prey. She lands on the far
south edge of Sentinel and drags a HUGE pigeon (missing it’s head, but
not plucked) to the top of Sentinel. She is having trouble. We tell
her to eat some before she tries to carry it up to the scrape (until
we think with our little bird brains that the weight will be
transferred from the pigeon to the falcon and won’t make the job any

She rests until 4:51 when she struggles with it to the cave and feed the eyases.

We leave.


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