Site Monitoring 04/24/08

I went in the back way to the top of the opposite hill and got to the top at 5:10. Larry and Paulette came with me. The dogs came along also.

At 5:12 , the male comes in to the scrape and then leaves.

At 5:44, again he visits and leaves. At 5:55 the female is rooting, shimmying, restless.

At 6:05 an RT flies by and no one goes after it. The male stays close by.

At 6:25 the male again goes into the scrape and visits, then leaves.

6:51 wailing and e-chups. The male visits again and leaves.

The behavior has changed. Possibly a hatch.

It was a warm evening. The dogs ran off down the hill and Iita returned with a very wet face and shoulders, having been sprayed by a skunk. Blanca returned a little later, fortunately having escaped getting sprayed. It was not a pleasant ride back in the car.


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