Site Monitoring 04/22/08

I arrived at the meadow at 9:45 and there was no visible activity.

At 10:05 I heard e-chupping. At 10:19 there was a nest exchange with the peregrine in and the female coming out of the scrape. She moved 4 times with food and ended up on pyramid, on the rock inclusion. With a lot of wailing, she dropped her food , e-chupped and flew to little half dome. More e-chups and wailing and a very copious poop. She flew south, e-chupping all the way.

At 10:28 she flew overhead and circled and at 10:30 she flew to the east. It was another half hour before anything else happened and at 11:00 and intruder female peregrine flew in from the north and was chased off by the female resident who chased the intruder to the north. There was no cakking–just a quiet escort out of the territory.

At 11:43, the falcon returned with a soft e-chup. She sat in the ‘refrigerator’ and watched the sky.

At 11:48 I heard very loud cakking from east of the nest scrape and two minutes later the female flew from the east to north over head. At 11:56 she stooped in front of the nest rock, then sailed over the top to the rock on top of the cave and sat.

At 12:02 she flew to Sentinel Rock and preened. While she was there, at 12:10 a rainbow lit up the sky. She flew east at 12:10.

They did a nest exchange at 12:15 with the female going in and the male coming out. He sat on the ‘refrigerator’ and wailed.

I left soon after that.

It was partly sunny to start, slight rain later. 55-65 degrees. There was a bird watching group going through at the time the intruder female peregrine came into the territory, and a group of grade school kids later on. Hatch is due in a couple of days.


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