Nest Monitoring 04/19/08

We arrived at 9:19 am, not having crossed the creek, and immediately heard cakking to the west. A peregrine adult was chasing an RTHA.

Again at 9:27 we heard cakking in the same area and a few minutes later at 9:40 we saw a nest exchange.  The female went in and the male came out, with wailing.  The male was sitting on the left side of Sentinel Rock

At 10:09 he flew wailing away.  We took the opportunity of having the falcon occupied on the scrape and the male off to climb the hill behind the meadow to get a view of the scrape.

Glenn had is GPS and answered some questions we’d had about height, angle of the slope.  We’ve been climbing 300 feet up at a 45 degree angle, through brush growing taller every day, cow footprints to turn our ankles, poison oak.

At 11:45 climbers were to the left of the scrape and an hour later they moved to the top of the nest rock where they sit and stand on top.

Glenn S joined us from the top of the hill, having hiked in from another access point.

At 1:06 the climbers left and at 1:18 the male flew to the north, then circled back south.

At 1:16 there was a nest exchange and a food transfer.  It was a small bird.  The tiercel went onto the scrape and the falcon came out.  The female sat on the rock face to the right of the ‘refrigerator’ at at 2:01 she moved to Sentinel Rock and a minute later flew south.

We left, climbing up to the top of the hill and out to the north.


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