Goldens and Allen’s and Quail

I took the day off from peregrine nest monitoring and instead went to see the Golden Eagles. Cool, clear morning.

I heard both eagles and saw one. One flew in from the NE and landed in a tree. The one on the nest called and he answered. I heard two lazuli buntings but didn’t see either one. There were Allen’s hummingbirds everywhere. I spent some time just sitting on the hill listening to the activity around me, soaking up the sun. I went on to Huckleberry and took only 10 steps from the parking lot when a quail crossed the path. I heard several in the brush to the right of the path, scrabbling around and calling with their bubbly sound. Last year I saw only a couple of quail at Big Sur on the road to the beach. This year I’ve already seen 6 or 8 quail. At Huckleberry there were Allen’s buzzing around and several Anna’s. I didn’t get much beyond those first 10 steps down the trail, listening to the quail talk and hummingbird buzz.


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