Espie again

This week, Espie, the first year peregrine, absent for much of the last 6 weeks, is again regularly on the Siebel building in Emeryville.

On 4.09, she was on the south railing at 5:30 and on the NW corner at 8:15. In the morning on 4.10, she was on the north railing.

Then yesterday Cheryl called at 7:25 pm to say she had been heading north going past the building and turned her head to see Espie on the corner. She called me and turned around to head back. I grabbed the binoculars and the dogs. The scope and tripod were already in my car. A few minutes later I got to the Hilton parking lot to see Cheryl, and neighbors Carla and Jim looking around. Carla and Jim’s car was parked in a hurry and still had the doors open. It was clear they had seen the peregrine and jumped out the the car to get a look at her. Espie has flown just before I got there but she returned and landed on the NW corner. I set up the scope and we all had a good look at her.

Carla and Jim left. Cheryl and I moved to the other side of the building and set up the scope in front of Chevy’s restaurant. We soon had a line of people wanted to see the peregrine. As usual, we heard “Oh, wow!” and “How did you know it was there?” and “What kind of bird is that?” We need to work on our handouts but it’s always fun to share our excitement and our knowledge of peregrines. Espie is getting lighter in the chest but still has all her dark brown coloring on her back and her streaky breast. We where hoping to see her fly to look for missing tail or wing feathers. She stayed and we stayed until well after dark. She flew around 8:25 and we headed back to our cars. As I was loading in the scope, Cheryl looked up and Espie had returned to the SW corner!

This morning she was again on her favorite NW corner.

My question is “Where has she been for the last 6 weeks when we’ve seen her less than weekly?” And why is she back on the Siebel building so regularly right now?


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