Site # 1 Monitoring 04-01-08

I went out to the site by myself and was just stepping up into the viewing meadow at 9:12 when I heard wailing from above.

I set up the scope and found the peregrine with malar stripes and yellow talons (the female) just above the ‘refrigerator’ preening.

At 9:20  she was again wailing and watching swifts fly by.  Once, a swift flew past her heading straight down and she watched.  She is not hunting at this stage in incubation.

At 9:29 she flew to sentinel rock south of the cave, still wailing.

The remained the status for the next hour with wailing and e-chups periodically.   At 10:14 she flew north cakking all the way.   I watched as she flew fast, then more slowly, then circled and returned and at 10:17 she returned and sat on top of the cave rock.

At 11:02 I assumed a nest exchange was coming so I packed up and headed up the trail to the north, hoping to get withing scope view of one of the food storage areas.  I was counting on the male hunting, then going to a familiar place to eat or to stash the prey so I could read his VID band.

It took me 20 minutes to get up.  A very steep trail, like climbing 400 feet of steps with 12-14 inch risers.  I set up the scope in a flat spot surrounded by fragrant sage, full of bees, busily and noisily gathering nectar.

At 11:45 I saw the male flying, then climbing in ever higher circles until I lost him above me.

Since I was alone, I had promised several people I would return by 1 pm and would definitely call by 3 pm.  I left my very clear view, easily within scope range of the food stash at 12:20.

This pair is still successfully incubating.


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