It’s been awhile since I’d seen the peregrine, Espie. I got up early and was at her building at 6:30. I set up the scope way back from the building so I could see the back and three of her favorite corners. About 20 minutes later a man came by on his morning walk and asked what I was looking at. I explained about the falcon. He said he’s been watching her also but hadn’t seen it lately. As we were talking, I saw that distinctive ‘flap, flap’ and here she comes from the northeast. She landed on her favorite NW corner at 6:58. I gave the man a look through the scope and he went on his way. I moved over to the walkway near the bay.

She had feathers stuck to her right talon. Espie still needs some grooming lessons—she often seems to have feathers stuck on her talons. Her tail feathers are very worn at the ends. She will be molting soon. I would love to get some photos of her in the process of moving into her adult featheration.

She didn’t stay around long. At 7:26, she headed south, going fast out over the Emeryville mudflats. She didn’t look like she was hunting but she didn’t have a full crop either.

I went back in the late morning and she was on the SW corner this time. I went into the Hilton and asked if I could go up to the conference rooms on the top floor to get some photos of her. All the conference rooms were busy but they did say that I might be able to go up there late in the day sometime. I’ll go back again.

Tomorrow I’m going down to Santa Cruz to a nest sight monitoring session. Hack site, natural nest site, kestrel box monitoring and some telemetry. Should be interesting.


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