Espie hunts near Aquatic Park 01-30-08

At about 10:40,I stopped at the Emeryville Crescent to take a look at Espie.  She was on the NW corner, facing in.  After about 10 minutes she started getting restless and at 10:55 she took off toward Aquatic Park.  I watched her stoop and chase what looked like a redtail (something bigger than she is, but Aquatic Park is a half-mile away so confirmed ID is not possible).  She stooped a couple more times, then rose and circled for 5 minutes, going higher.   I lost sight of her so I left.  As I was driving down the Frontage Road, she was coming back, flying just off shore along the crescent, empty-taloned.  She headed toward her building.  At noon when I returned, I circled the building and didn’t see her in any of the obvious places.


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