A dash around the building

I was driving back from Cesar Chavez park, having walked the dogs and watching the burrowing owl (in the ever-lasting rain). I stopped at the light near Espie’s building and saw her flying (flap, flap, flap falcon flight) off the back of the building, so I turned down the road, saw her again, this time in a stoop.  I pulled over in the circle near the open grassy area.  No Espie.  So I drove over to Powell and turned toward home, spotting Espie on the highest SE corner.  I pulled out my binoculars while I was at the light.  It looked like she was bending over eating.  In the evening light, her hood and malar stripes are looking more prominent as she’s getting older.  A trick of the light, I assume, since she isn’t ready yet for a first year molt.  On home.   


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