Espie 1-28-08

This morning I went down to the Siebel building at 8:50 amd and Espie was on the railing on the north side of the building. She was doing a lot of paralax viewing and was listening so I expected she would take off. Around 9:05, she did. She headed out over the Emeryville Crescent after two pigeons, missing both as they split up and flew in different directions. She stayed on one but again missed it, chasing it into a tree behind the Chevy’s restaurant. She flew back and around the building behind the Siebel building, cakking the entire time.

Up and around, several times, noisy. I couldn’t tell if she was irritated at having missed the pigeons or just having fun. For awhile I thought there might be a redtail on top of the building because she was cakking mostly when she was over the top of the building.

She landed on the upper SW corner. I moved my scope over to that side of the building and very soon one of the guards came out to see what I was doing. I pointed her out, gave him a look through the scope and told him a bit about Espie’s history and showed him her band.

And finally I was able to read that last number on the band, confirming it as 05/R.

She took off again and flew out over the crescent; this time without the cakking, making it more difficult to follow her. I moved to the grassy area between the buildings, saw her come back and do some more flying about. The woman I frequently see down there (with the white dog with one blue eye) told me she had seen Espie on the pier a couple of days earlier, eating, sitting on the railing. That would have made a wonderful photo.

I lost Espie as she flew behind a building.


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