Juv falcon 1-10-08

It’s been two months now that Esperanza (peregrine falcon) has been hanging around the building in Emeryville.I went down there at 7:30 am and she was on the SW corner.  I walked the dogs around the point and she was still there.  I got fuel and she was still sitting there.  I didn’t have my scope so wasn’t really able  to confirm Espie. I went back again at 1 and she was on the NW corner so I set up my scope.  Just as I could see she was about to take off, someone behind me asked a question so I missed seeing the band.  She looks disheveled.  I don’t know if it’s the rain.  Her left shoulder/wing area has some feathers sticking out oddly.  She flew to the SW corner, sat for a minute, then hopped down to the flat part where I couldn’t see her.  I assumed she had some food stashed there.  It’s raining lightly so I didn’t want to keep my scope out in the rain too long.  I’ll go back again this weekend.   Last time I spent a lot of time watching her, she had prey feathers stuck to her tail for two days in a row.  I hope she isn’t having trouble grooming.  A bird that can’t/doesn’t groom gets cold and wet. 


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